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There isn't a lot of current info on the Hensoldt Scopes for HK91 variants. Please answer some questions.

1. Which version would be best with an illuminated reticle.

2. Would a Hensoldt be able to go on a QD mount and plugged in a railed PTR receiver?

3. What's the eye relief like? Does it feel like looking through a straw or Toilet Paper tube?

4. where is a good place to get one?

5. Should I spend the 500 more and get an ACOG and have that Trijicon warranty?

I do not want a huge scope for my PTR. I like to shoot standing up sometimes, and realistically do not need a 30x zoom on a DMR style rifle. I am looking for a 3-4 power scope to dominate the desert with, or enough to get body shots to 600 yards. I am liking the ACOG and the Hensoldts.


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Here is a link to some good info:

HK G3 Hensoldt scopes*** © 2008

Basically these are awesome scopes and I feel they are perfect for a battle rifle. If you are wanting to do more precision shooting you may want something with a little more magnification. I have the Hensoldt ZF model two scope. These are very cool, 4x fixed magnification with as good or better glass as you will find in just about any scope, built in bullet drop compensation out to 600 meters, illumination and the ability to retain zero when removed and re-installed.

Hensoldt ZF Model TWO Scope Kit, HK G3 Optics, G-VG Condition, HKK-8282, RTG Parts

Both the ZF model two and the FERO-Z 24 (also known as the model III) are illuminated. The ZF model one is not illuminated. The scopes can be found at RTG and hkparts. In addition you should check ebay and gunbroker. They were also available with BDC for the .556 and 9mm.

The A.R.M.S. #63 throw lever mount will work great on a receiver with a welded rail and still allow you to use the iron sights. I have one of these and it works well:

A.R.M.S.® #63™ Throw Lever® Riser Mount Combines all the features of the #5™ with the #19™!! 100% MADE IN THE USA.

Dual Throw Lever® riser mount. Quick detach mounting platform. Provides 3/4" of additional height for mounting optics with large objective lenses.
The #63™ is compatible with STANAG mounts and features a see-through channel for use with iron sights.
Weight: 4.4oz
Length: Approx. 5"
A.R.M.S., Inc. Mount Black Throw Lever Riser Picatinny #63

Every once in a while you can find one of these scopes without the mount but they are usually about the same price. You would probably be better off to buy one with the quick detach mount and try to sell the mount to someone without a rail.
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