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HI to all FREE staters !!

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Live free or die --Thats a good motto!
Im Here in commie NY and I hope to move to NH as soon as I can!
Always Looking to chat with Nh gun owners !
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Do you have a permit to carry in NY?
Welcome to NH. We need new gun people in this state. Too many Mass and out of state liberals moving to NH. It seems that they made a mess of their states with taxes and high costs, so they move here for a tax break but want all the services they use to get. This use to be a very red state and republicans were the majority, now the Dems are moving here and taking over and we are now a blue state, with a Democrat Govenor and a dem house & sen. We need more gun people big time, again you will love it. I NH you can purchase a handgun with your drivers license. Don't need a permit unless you want to carry concealed, then it's ten buck for five years and it's shall issue state.
we welcome you with open (ARMS).
Are G3 demilled parts Kits legal in NH? or do they have laws regarding trigger pack parts?
some states make it a no no do to the F/A parts.
Commie NY? Man I hope you ended up getting out of there. I lived there (Fort Drum represent) but I didn't approve of NY's way of life. Anyhow, I have been a long time visitor, few time poster. I'm hoping to change that as of recently. Hello from good ol' NH! (Where there's still some sanity left in the world)
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