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HK 45 Trigger

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I am an expert by know means so please excuse if I have the wrong choice of words. I have fired 250 rounds with my HK 45 (ergo grip) since purchasing a short time ago, the double action pull is long but seems like it will be smooth soon with more practice like my P30 (1500 rounds). The single action has a lot of take up and over travel on the way back after the gun has gone bang Is there any proven improvements out there for this. I was thinking of the the USP Match Trigger, has anyone attempted this and would it work based on the parts to be swapped ? Any help would be appreciated !

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I must be lucky. My HK45 never had overtravel. I converted it to LEM, which didn't change anything. It still has zero overtravel.
HKs are one of those things where the more you shoot it, the more you like it. I certainly didn't much care for it at the time when I bought it. I only bought it because I wanted a .45. The HK45 seemed like the logical choice for me. It was either, get a lower end 1911, a CZ 97, or a top of the line polymer (subjective of course). So I went with the HK45. If you noticed the other choices I listed are all full steel framed handguns. I actually prefer steel framed handguns. In fact, the HK45 is my first and will be the only polymer framed gun I have. I love it, yes, no doubt about that whatsoever. And, I would never sell it. But, I'm just not a polymer kinda guy. For me though, that HK45 does what it needs to do, and does it extremely well. Now if HK comes out with a steel framed hand gun, I'm all ears. But for now, I am content with this one polymer HK45.

And the DA isn't terrible if you dry fire practice. If you just stick to the basics, you'll be fine. Buddy of mine challenged me to shoot his full size USP in double action at 7 yards. I had been shooting LEM exclusively for a long time when he challenged me for that. It was a one inch target at 7 yards. Hit it dead center the first time. It's bad, but it's not the worst, and if you have proper trigger control, you should be fine.

It's funny though. I practice the double action on my LEM now, not really for second strike capability, but more for finger pull strength. Hah.
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I sent my HK .45 to Bowie tactical for the Vickers Package. Vicker's Package, which includes trigger over travel stop, trigger guard trench removal,
mag release radius and 360 grip stippling.

Bowie Tactical Concepts Pictures Page

I LOVE it. I will post some pics if you would like to see the pistol.
Bowie does great work. My bro sent his m&p9 Pro to get trigger work done and Deltapoint sight milling, along with stippling. Bowie is awesome.
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