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HK 45c decock problem

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Hey guys, so I traded one of my pistols for a 45c. Has a 5/6 detent in it and ambi safety. Gentleman had it set up like a 1911 in where the safety does not work as a decocker. Anywho, swapped out detent to 1/2 and safety to only left side......still will not decock.....what am I missing?? Thanks in advance, tried looking it up but my Google/Forum foo is weak by any standards! Been on here for a bit, sad that this is my first post!
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Hey man it's Shane the the guy who traded you
I thought I told you but I may have forgotten , it has the LEM sear in it ( it gave a slightly shorter reset) you'll have to put in the other sear and will probably need to back out the overtravel screw also....sorry
It's a da/sa, I put the LEM sear in it because it gave a slightly shorter reset and and overall travel (if I remember correctly) and a over travel screw need to feel like a idiot, you would have no reason to think of it since I forgot to tell you
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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