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HK 45c vs HK P30: Field Strip Question

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Hi all,
So the other day I was fortunate enough that my LGS had an HK P30. I already have an HK 45c and love the gun immensely. I was handling the P30, inspecting it before I put money down on it, and I noticed something. When I went to remove the slide release lever I noticed that I could push it out so far and I was able to pull the slide off the frame, but the slide release lever stayed in the frame. Whereas on my 45c the slide release lever on the left side of the firearm will come out completely when field stripping. I kind of liked this about the P30.

Is this a feature reserved for the P30? Why isn't it on the 45 as well?

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I just swapped the trs on my p30 and noticed that the leg of the spring is what keeps the slide stop in place when pulled. on my hk45ct the spring rides in a different location allowing it to be fully removed. I also like how it stays in the gun kinda makes more sense one less thing you could loose in the field.
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