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Hk 91 belt buckle

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I have an Hk 91 brass belt buckle w inscription on the back. I've looked and haven't found much info on them. Does anyone know when these were made?
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I have not seen a 91 buckle but I have one that just says "HK". I'll be glad to buy yours if you willing to sell, just message me
No thanks. I where mine everywhere I go to annoy my wife. I think there's one on eBay right now though.
I don't know much about them, other than to say I have one. I have the HK91 buckle and the round "HK" buckle. based on the prices for them listed on ebay, I must have really gotten mine for a good deal? Hang onto it, they are a cool piece of HK swag...
Use the "Advanced Search" (upper right)--- there are several posts about the HK buckles!!! :biggrin:

Yes I wear mine everywhere. It gets lots of compliments. I didn't know when they were made or a lot about them.
"Advanced Search" = answers!!! :biggrin:

I think there's one on eBay right now though.
Someone just bought it.
Just saw one on gunbroker for 111.00$ which is a very good buy!
if you want to talk about the holy grail of HK belt buckles, the swamp man buckle is super rare and super cool.... at least one guy on here has one...

check the pic in post #1 of this thread:

very cool...
That's link is for Greg's buckle! He has a lot of cool and unique HK collectible stuff, I bought a badass HK "MP5" stock car and another belt buckle from him. We took the Teufelshund Tactical subgun class in Florida together, he is and avid collector.
I saw that one on there. I've never seen one listed for sale anywhere or I'd have to buy it. I remember that add though. Made you want an Hk !
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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