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HK 91/G3/clone accuracy with 175gr SMK?

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I'm curious to determine the extent to which ammunition like the Federal Gold Medal Match 175 gr SMK improves performance in our HK 91s, G3s, and clones. What's your average 10 shot group size, with which rifle, with which ammo or load, at what distance, from what position, with what support? Is there an appreciable accuracy improvement over standard M80? How significant?
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Save the 168gr & 175g for your faster 1:10 twist bolt action or barreled precision rifles. The 1:12 twist barrel of hk91/ptr91 rifles is more suited for 147 to 155gr pills. But yes, you may see a slight more accuracy , but it is not worth the major cost difference between the two. I reload 150fmj and 155 amax at .62cents a round and get 1 moa and even under out of my clones with 1:12 twist match barrels. Not to mention, lower felt recoil ; especially less than the recoil of the 175g will give. Do yourself a favor,an save the Match heavy ammo for a precision long gun. Just my exp. See my range report in this section on page 3: "update"DMR jld91k.
+1 on that Aussie mF4 accuracy, I have a 100rnd bandolier stashed away. That stuff is amazing.��
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