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HK 91/G3/clone accuracy with 175gr SMK?

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I'm curious to determine the extent to which ammunition like the Federal Gold Medal Match 175 gr SMK improves performance in our HK 91s, G3s, and clones. What's your average 10 shot group size, with which rifle, with which ammo or load, at what distance, from what position, with what support? Is there an appreciable accuracy improvement over standard M80? How significant?
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My experience:

HK 91-Best ammo-Australian (MF4 and AFF) 1" followed by Portuguese (FMN) 1 1/4" ish at 100 yds. Basically, this is a 1 1/2 -2 MOA rifle. Match grade ammo opened it up quite a bit.

HK SR9-FGMM 168gr. SMK- it's consistently an MOA rifle out to 300yds. 175's and ball were not as good.

Both from bench with front and rear sandbags. Shoot a lot with different types, keep records then buy a lot of what works best!!!!!
tcr39-Australian is by far the best mil surp out there for my HK 91. I'm fortunate enough to have about 5-600 rounds of it. I only use it on "special occasions"! It's SO expensive now----if you can find it.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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