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HK 91 how accurate?

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Wanting to know how accurate users have been able to shoot and group the HK 91 and what type of ammunition being used, trigger, stock etc...

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Did an informal pole here years ago and most of the HK91s and half the SR9's were reported to be in the over an inch and under two inch range at 100 yards (the other half of the SR9s were a little under an inch). One of the better "cheep" ammo back then was Federal Red Box American Eagle 147 FMJ, which has worked well for myself. Similar to Blitzkrieg, I have not had that good a luck with Federal Gold Metal Match 168gr nor the USGI 168gr ammo (M118 pre LR). I was getting a good under 2MOA with the four power scope and PSG1 trigger pack, and actually averaged a tiny bit under 1.5 MOA for 3 shot groups with the Federal AE ammo. My two SA M1A's (neither one glassed, one standard weight and one heavy barrel) would not average as good as the HK91 (maybe better on some days and worst on others ... with a 10 power scope) - thus both are gone (in part due to reliability issues that never could be corrected). The one AR10 (not a T) was very close to the HK91 but was from the rough chamber era so the friend I got it from traded a couple years later and made it a SBR.

Some of the HK91 have a rough bore after years of not being cleaned and/or being sear hosts, some of them just need a little TLC to remove years of copper and some of us need a better trigger (this is shooter related more than gun ;-). If you want really little groups would start with a Rem 700 PSS and aftermarket trigger, one of the custom rifles, a Sako TRG or if you have too much lunch money burning a hole in your wallet a nice AI (at this point can start to consider a PSG1 again ;-).
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WOW, thanks to everyone with the feedback. I am just looking for a place to set my expectations when I go out with match grade ammo. i'll let everyone here know the range report when I get a chance.
Photos of groups are always good ... if you don't have videos ;-)
Here's a group shot today from my HK-91. I fire-lapped it, Bill Springfield trigger,PTR brake,MSG-90 heavy buffer, cheek riser,B&T low profile mount, lapped Burris Extreme Tactical rings, Burris Ballistic PlexLRS 3-9x group shot on 9x in a lead sled at a 100 yd indoor range. I'll go back and see if I have a old pic of the rifle too.
What type ammo / loading?

Not bad, but you now have a rifle which you can never trade off, as very good chance you will never get another one that good (the PTR has promise though ;-).
You're a better man than me, Gunga Din. 2 MOA ios the best I get with irons and my HK91 and PTR
He does better than I can do with a 4 power scope and PSG1 trigger pack (just shooting Federal AE ball) ;-). I can do ok with an AR but looks like will have to break out the HK91s this year again, toss on a ten power scope after finding what knc1105 was feeding his. Warning evil AR group follows....
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I always use the 200 meter setting for 100 yard shooting with iron sigths ... the V notch does work well on the MM53 when it is too dark to really see much of anything, including the target (limited ranges that you can shoot at night ;-).

OK you are getting small enough groups that you need to go to micrometers pretty soon ... You keep posting coated bullets and I am going to have to go back to them (friend got me worried a couple years ago).

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