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HK 91 how accurate?

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Wanting to know how accurate users have been able to shoot and group the HK 91 and what type of ammunition being used, trigger, stock etc...

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+1 for NE450NO2 . Its not the arrow,its the INDIAN.
JLD91k with an 8 groove TC barrel with iron sights at 100yrds.This is a 5" stick on off a sandbag with some portugese,13 rounds fired with some 2 shot groups under an inch.Not great,but its not a REAL hk91 or is it better. NO spread at all with these heavier profile barrels
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Come on,lets see how the hk91 did against the american TC barreled JLD 91k build with 79' port suplus.
Thats better then most bolt guns I see at the outdoor ranges i go to.Very nice bro.Were those the hand loads? and how did it do with Iron sights or have you tried it yet with iron sights?
1 - 4 of 26 Posts
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