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I took my 91 out to the range the other day, I started with the .22 g3 conversion and zeroed in @ 25 yards, once I attained my zero I was nailing hanging bowling pins at 100 yards w/ the .22 conversion (I love the conversion unit) Oh forgot to mention I have a hensholdt factory 4 power on top. I switched back to .308 and could not hit the broad side of a barn. 20 shots at pin and never hit it once Hmmmmmm what gives. I dont flinch, and I know the drop factor for the .308 is nill at 100 yards. I did not recheck zero at 25 yards. Any insight? thanks
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I'd say your bullet path was higher than your target @ 100yrds.Zeroed at 25 yrds will put you on target with a 308 at roughly 220-240yrds. My best guess anyway....
My rifle hits to the right with the .22 conversion with it zeroed for the .308.
So does mine, by about 2 1/2 inches @ 100yds.
I'd say recheck your zero. But then again i also agree with hawser
When my scope is properly zero'd for 308, I find that I have to crank the elevation to about 400, and add a couple of clicks of left windage to get the 22 kit "on" at 100.

Perhaps this is what happened to you? You need different zero's for each round?
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