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My German HK 93 has a nice finish on the gun still, but has claw marks on it. down to bare metal. My question is, would you have to refinish the entire gun, or can someone kind of blend, or feather in just the top of the receiver, to get rid of the claw marks, and leave the rest of the factory finish orig. I have never had an HK refinished, and I do not want to hurt the resale value ( though I cant imagine ever parting with it), and I do not know how durable the refinishes would be, compared to the baked on hard orig. HK finish. So if anyone can tell me about the durability of a refinish, who is the best at it, cost, and if the spot finish is even possible, i would appreciate it. I know thats a lot of questions. Sorry.

P.S. If anyone has a link on how to post pics for those who are slightly lacking in computer skills, please send it. Thanks.

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While you can spot paint the marks, one really needs to to an entire refinish to have everything match. The baked on coatings have worked well for friends and myself. My recommendation is shoot it and when you need something like a new barrel or other work, get it repainted then.

To Display Photos - Long Directions:
1: Take a photo and down load to your PC.
2: Crop and re size the photo (something along the lines of a 1000 pixels wide is a good choice) and convert to JPEG (if not already in that format).
- For Windows users Picasa IrfanView or Paint.NET are good free choices
3: Up load the photo to a free photos hosting locations such as listed in 7 Best Free Image Hosting And Photo Sharing Websites which includes Photobucketand Flickr
4: Copy the URL of the photo location
5: In your HKPro message place the URL of the photo location between ["img"]YOU-PHOTO-URL-HERE[" /img"] - but remove the leading and trailing "
- Can also use the advanced features or to make it go even easier for step 4 and 5.

- URL of photo =
- Type between (" added) ["img"]["/img"]
- With out " will display as follows:

Lastly just e-mail me the photo and what thread you are in, and I will host and post the photo for you.
John at e-mail [email protected] (shoot out the X's first)
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