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HK abbreviations

Format: Abbreviation = German Text ("English Text")

A = Ausführung ("version")

G = Gewehr ("rifle")

K = Either Kurz ("short") for pistols and submachine guns or Karabiner ("Carbine") for rifles and assault rifles.

AG = Either stands for Anbau-Gerät ("attached device") or Anbaugranatwerfer ("attached grenade launcher")

GMG = Granatmaschinengewehr ("grenade machine gun")

GMW = Granatmaschinenwerfer (automatic grenade launcher)

MG = Maschinengewehr ("machine gun")

MP = Maschinenpistole ("submachine gun" or "machine pistol")

PSG = Präzisionsschützengewehr ("precision sharp shooter rifle")

PSP = Polizei-Selbstlade-Pistole ("police self-loading pistol")

SD = Schalldämpfer ("sound dampener", "suppressor");[30] In the case of the MP5 having an integral suppressor, in the case of the USP, an extended threaded barrel for attaching a suppressor.

SG = Scharfschützengewehr ("sharpshooters rifle")

SL = Selbstlader ("Autoloader")

UMP = Universale Maschinenpistole ("universal machine pistol")

UCP = Universal Combat Pistol

USC = Universal Self-loading Carbine

USP = Universale Selbstladepistole ("universal self-loading pistol")

ZF = Zielfernrohr ("telescopic sight")
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