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HK and Only HK, or...?

  • Only HK Handguns for all purposes

    Votes: 20 21.7%
  • HK for serious use (duty, carry HD), HK and other brands for competition/range use

    Votes: 21 22.8%
  • HK and other brands for all purposes

    Votes: 51 55.4%

HK and Only HK?

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How many of you have only HK handguns for all purposes, HK's only for serious use (duty, carry, HD) and other brands for competition/range use, and a mix of HK and other brands for all purposes.

I've always bought into the exclusive brand/platform for all uses, and wanted to see what others were doing and why.
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As of now, the pistols I own are HK, Glock, Rugger and Springfield Armory and looking on purchasing a Sig next. But the ones that I trust if SHTF is the HKs.
I own HK's and Glock's as of right now as far as handguns go....

The only thing I don't like about it is the difference in trigger feel but oh well. I love guns way to much to stick to only one brand..

BUT if SHTF.... Id grab my USP .45 over anything and everything... PERIOD
Love guns way too much to have just HKs. That being said, my carry gun is a uspc .40 and on the nightstand is my HK45. SHTF gun is the usp ct.
HK only for me. Hk45, HK P30, HK SK, HK USP and the HKmr556. The first gun I ever bought 4 years ago was the USP 9mm and I have been HK hooked ever since.
Love guns way too much to have just HKs.
Well said; I'm in the same boat.

HKs are certainly my favorites, but I shoot a lot of different brands.
I voted HK only for all....

But I think you guys knew that

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Well the "idea" is that if it all goes bad, one of us takes the HK and the other the 1911, shrug. Keep in mind that if it gets real nasty - like, people eating each other - I'm not so sure I'd want to survive... Save the last bullet... but I digress... Watch the movie "The Road" in case there's any idea that it would be great fun...
Every time when I think about buying a different gun, sig, glock.. I think damn I could buy that HK I have been wanting. I have a list of never ending HK's. I'm addicted to Koch I tell you. Hopefully I find a good deal on another gun I like and buy something different but the HK fever is killing me.
I don't know... I admit to casting a wandering eye toward some upper-end 1911. Now, if HK starting making some sweet-looking stainless models, I'd be in serious trouble.
My first pistol was a USP9 , HK are definitely my favorite. Pretty certain I had a CZ & HK addition manifest over the past year.
Love HK and plan on getting many more over other brands. But, there are other beautiful and well made guns for use in competition, range, etc. It's the spice of life. That said, if I could only own one brand of gun for the rest of my life it would be HK.

Luckily we have the choice to collect and experience other fine firearms.

I'm eyeing a particular 1911, but will get another HK (or 2!) before before I get it.

Having your "go-to" HK is a must though.
I voted HK only for all....

But I think you guys knew that

Fatmat's got the collection.

Thanks WTW
it's kind of a savings plan.....that provides protection and entertainment:)
Thanks WTW
it's kind of a savings plan.....that provides protection and entertainment:)
Best lookin savings plan I've ever seen. And most secure...and interactive!
My Sigs are more accurate and I still prefer them. Definitely not a HK snob. Only have 3 because that is all I need for protection and don't want any more. I've made a practice of not collecting guns and only having what I need for specific purposes. Better for training that way. I chose to collect ammo rather than buy more guns. Without ammo they are damn near useless.
HK's and Glocks... I'll never give up on Glock, it's like the Warthog of the Military. Ugly as all hell but gets the job done with massive firepower. As far as HK's I'll own atleast one as long as I can afford it. I'll become a HK fanboy as soon as their Civilian market in the U.S. is expand as big as Glock and some of the other big ones. The difficulty in finding HK's around my way frustrates me ALOT.
I was all HK until I met my new whore, her name is PPQ. Other than that, I am all HK. Never leave home without one.
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