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I couldn't give a hoot about the 293, the 433 on the other hand, that's a rifle I'd like to shoot.

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HK posted this on their social media the other day. It's a hammer forge, is it not?
I'd say yes, given what they are looking for.

Hammer Forge Specialist

Location: Columbus, Georgia

Position Type: Full Time


The Hammer Forge specialist is responsible operating and improving operations within the Barrel Line specifically the Hammer Forge Machine. Specializing in Hammer Forging Preferably Barrel Manufacturing.

Essential Functions:
•Set up, operate and perform routine maintenance on forging related equipment, such as hammers, robots, and any other related equipment.
•Maintain hammer and mandrel inventory and help determine a maintenance schedule.
•Operate forging equipment, ensuring product meets specifications while minimizing scrap/rework costs.
•Communicate effectively with support departments to ensure resources are readily available to support production schedule, develop process and continual improve process.
•Continually monitor manufacturing methods, processes and procedures.
•Work with team to determine and implement necessary changes.
•Assist with routine administrative tasks to ensure team goals are supported, monitored and attained.
•Monitor established safety procedures.
•Respond to changes in the production schedule to ensure customer and departmental requirements are met.

Position Requirements:
•Basic math skills.
•Good communication skills – written and verbal.
•Blueprint reading.
•Basic computer skills.
•Exposure to inspection and measuring equipment (e.g. gauges, calipers, etc.)
•Ability to read and interpret process routings and procedures.
•Ability to perform basic maintenance and repairs on production equipment as needed for safe operation.
•Problem solving skills – ability to identify design flaws and inconsistencies in the product.
•Geometric Dimension and Tolerance.

Education and Experience:
•High school or GED required.
•1+ years of Hammer Forge Experience
•Prior experience in set-up and operation of forging equipment preferred.
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