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Does anyone out there have a HK F/A trigger pack? And how much trouble is it to go from MP5 to K gun to 91 or 93? Springs, hammers, housings???
I am assuming you are not asking on a factory push pin HK F/A trigger pack for a post sample, and instead are checking on a trigger pack for setup for use with a transferable sear (the expensive part ;-).


The change from the MP5 to the MP5K is only the trigger "housing" and goes very easily.

There is a different ejector for 9mm, .223 and .308 that you have to change, however, this is very easy once you have the trigger pack out of the housing (pop out a short "button", switch ejectors and put the "button" back in - just have to watch that you don't drop the spring out of the housing).

If you have a plastic SEF housing for the MP5, should work fine on the HK93 and even the HK91 (use one of the metal trigger pack push pins in the 2nd hold).

The only thing that takes any effort at all (and not that much unless you hammer has a pinned strut) is changing hammer strut springs when you switch from pistol to rifle (same for 308 or 223). Some of the guys get along ok with using the rifle hammer spring in both 9mm and rifle, myself I tend to switch back and forth.


Above assumes all the tolerances match up, however, the first time through is it always best to have a HK smith or experienced shooter check the operation.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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