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HK German Straight Mags vs. Curved

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There is a huge difference between the price of the straight HK German Date Coded mags vs. the Curved. Is that because they are that much more plentiful, and worth 1/2 to 1/3, and has their price increased over the past 5-7 years, like the curved mags. Does anyone remember what they were paying for stick mags 5 years ago? Also, what about reliabilty?
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Stick mags are going for between $20-30 from the prices I've seen here. The reason being is that they don't work with hollow points. Great range mag though.
I didn't know they would not work w/HP ammo. Dp you know why?
Not 100% sure. That's why HK went to the curved mags. I've tried hollows in a straight mag and they catch on the lip at the top. Not everytime but enough to piss me off.
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