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1. [SOLD] 2 HK MP5 mags, used by German border guard from HKparts. I bought these to use as beater mags but I cant break my habit of babying all of my MP5 mags so I haven't even used these since purchasing. $60+ shipping for both. [SOLD]
2. [SOLD] US made MP5K grip from HKparts. Barely used as I decided to go with all HK furniture on my Z5P. $20 + shipping. [SOLD]
3. [SOLD]Zenith/MKE Z5P (MP5K) castle rear sight. In great condition, definitely much easier to use than the aperture sight when MP5s are in pistol configuration. $40+ shipping. [SOLD]

I accept USPS money orders and PayPal friends/family or +3%. I have plenty of USPS priority flat rate boxes but for the smaller parts I can also pick up padded envelopes and ship first class for cheap.

I'm also more than happy to take additional pictures or answer any questions.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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