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HK gunsmith in los Angeles

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Hey People looking to see if I can find A gunsmith here in L.A. area. that works on HK cause up to this point can't find one need to install same meprolights sights :4:
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If you happen to come across a local gunsmith for a decent price, please let us know.

I'm in the same boat as you, but I want to put adjustable Mepros on my Expert, which is proving pretty difficult/expensive.

Have you tried MLSECPRO here on the forums? I believe he is in Florida, but he has the night sight special going through the end of the month. I was quoted just under $200 for the adjustables installed, but the fixed sights were around $100 installed and shipped.

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As an update: Bain & Davis, Entreprise (sic), and Bolsa Gunsmith all say they lack the tooling to remove and re-install a barrel. The guy at Evans Gunsmithing in Orange could not confirm that he could do it, but said I was welcome to drive down there (2 hours) and let him look at it :-(

Looks like I'm going to have to ship it somewhere.
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