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Okay, so I have a day off from work and I'm bored. Here goes:

No clue on P9 or VP70 stuff. But here's the rest.

HK P7 Series:
Manuals at

HK Mark 23
Mark 23 info

USP Series
Detail strip info at


Contact for Bruce Gray [email protected]

Commonly asked questions:

What do all the symbols and letters mean? Check out HKPRO's main page for explaination of all the symbols and also the date code.

I'm right handed and shoot low and left, I think there's a problem with the gun? No it's you. The sights are fine. The USP trigger is a difficult trigger to master. What you are doing is pushing the trigger with way too much force. The USP trigger travel is really long. If you shoot it like a conventional SA pull, you will end up shooting low and left. Best advice is to learn how to apply a constant and even pressure from the time your finger touches the trigger till the shot breaks. The shot should come as a complete surprise. The conventional method is to take up the slack and press the trigger when you want it to break. Most people do not have good control of their fingers to do this accurately. So you end up pushing with a lot more force than necessary and thereby pushing the gun low and left. *HK USP trigger is a difficult trigger to master. If you still don't believe me, shoot the gun off a rest or sandbags. 99.9% of the time, the problem will go away. Of all the threads in the past 5 years, I recall only one person that acutally had sights that were shifted.

My sights are off, do I need adjustable sights? USP are zero at 25 meters. The sights are zero so the point of aim and the point of impact are the same. A proper sight picture is the top of the front sight is level with the top of the rear, front post is centered within the rear notch. Point of impact will occur at the center of the top of the front sight. The 3 dots are more of a guide, but do not offer a precise sight picture. If you solely use the 3 dots, the point of impact will likely to occur behind the dot on the front sight. If you want to shoot precisely, don't use the dots.

Is it safe to dryfire? Yes, but use a snap cap just in case. Most prefer A-zoom.

The plastic around the frame rails are coming apart, is this normal? Yes, slide rides on the metal rails not the plastic.

When I slam a mag in with the slide back, it closes the slide, is it suppose to do this? Yes, it is mentioned in the manual. There were changes to make it less likely to do this, but due to the design of the slide release and simple physics, it will still close when you slam a loaded mag in.

My mags stick when I try to eject it with the hammer back but doesn't stick with the hammer forward, why? USP are shipped with the Lock-out safety device in the locked position. If the gun is not unlocked first, when someone (usually the dumb guy at the gun store) racks the slide forcefully, it will bend the hammer strut. This is what binds against the mag. Contact HK for a new strut.

My slide won't lock back after firing the last round, what should I do? While some argue springs don't need replacing, by replace the spring with OEM or Wolff and/or going with a +10% the problem is usually solved.

Do I need a sight tool to replace the sights? No, clamp the slide in a paded vices, use a brass or nylon punch to drift the sights off. Although it doesn't matter on the direction, most people drift the sights in or out from the right.

Can I shoot lead bullets through a polygonal barrel? Yes, but you should use a hard cast or moly coated bullet. If the barrel builds up a lot of lead, don't use lead bullets.

My fully loaded mags rattle, is there a fix? No. Double stack mags sometimes will rattle when fully loaded. This is because when it is fully loaded the follower ends up on one side. There will usually be a round at the bottom that doesn't get that much pressure and will rattle.

Can I interchange slides, frames, and other parts? Yes. USP series is a modular design around a common frame. The 9 mm and 40 S&W version share the same frame and internal parts. You can swap slides (with barrel) between the USP, Expert, and Elite. The 45 frame is a little bigger and can only swap slides with USP45, Tactical45, Expert45, and Elite45. The compact models are the same way, 9 & 40 are the same, 45 is larger than the 9/40. Mags are interchangeable between 9/40.

What's a Match Trigger? It is a drop in kit from HK that consist of a trigger w/overtravel stop, trigger return spring, hammer spring, hammer, and sear spring. It will lower the weight of the pull, but the reset is still long. There is now two version of the Match trigger. HK has made a change to the Catch (part 25). The new Match trigger will require the new Catch or it will not work.

My Match Trigger won't shoot in double action, what's wrong with it? The match trigger requires the over travel to be adjusted for both SA and DA pull. On some guns if you adjust it for minimal over travel in SA, there will not be enough movement of the trigger draw bar to release the hammer in DA. Always check with both SA and DA.

What is the Quik-comp? It is a bolt on compensator for the USP. You can still find some on E-bay once in a while. It was discountinued because it really didn't work. 9, 40, and 45 cartridges just don't develop enough pressure to effectively work a compensator.

What is a Match weight? It is a bolt on weight that makes the gun look like the Tomb Raider gun. You will need a longer barrel in order to use the weight.

Where can I get a longer barrel? Jarvis and CCFA are the two primary aftermarket companies producing barrels for the USP series. You can get them with O-rings and threads.

What is the Jet Funnel? It is a magwell that goes on the 9/40 frame. It will require the use of the longer translucent Expert 9/40 mags.

Can the Jet Funnel work on the 45? No, and yes. It was design to go on the shorter 9/40 frame. Yes, it can be modified to work. You will need to manufacture a spacer for the lanyard block, either by milling one yourself or taking a lanyard block and cutting a piece off of it. You will need to dremel out the Jet funnel to match the opening on the 45 frame. As for mags, you will have to either modify the basepad or make you own extended mags. Other option is to have Bruce Gray mill the frame shorter. This will allow you to use unmodified mags. Racine is the only who has this done to his gun.

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Continued below. Had to do it this way to update the link to Big Bore's LEM Trigger Job.

Can I get a USP in 10mm? If you don't mind butchering a USP40, contact MBSL for more info.

I want to mount a scope to my USP, is there a scope mount? Yes, HK DID make a scope mount. You can find them on E-bay once in a while. If you use a adjustable rear sight, you might not be able to use the scope mount because the mount will interfere the rear sight. Another option is to use a Doctor, Optima, or JPoint sight which you can purchase a mount that goes on the rear sight dovetail.

I want to get a lighter trigger pull, can I replace the hammer spring? Yes you can go with a lighter hammer spring available from Wolff Springs You will get a lighter pull by using a lighter spring, however on some guns will you end up getting light primer strikes. You have to have a lighter pull, considering using Federal primers as they have a softer cup.

Does the o-ring work? CCFA says yes. Bruce Gray says no. Bruce Gray did extensive testing and development with the USP series. He cut some o-ring grooves into the barrels and didn't see and improvement. He ran Expert barrels cut for o-ring but without the o-ring and didn't see any changes either. So who knows.

How good are Bruce Gray's trigger jobs? He can make them much better than stock. He can do a simple polishing to smooth everything up. If you are an experienced competition shooter, he can rework the USP trigger down to 2 lbs with minimal over travel and minimal reset, but it does void the warranty and disables double action and the firing pin block, as I said for experience competition shooters only. It is as good as a decent 1911 trigger.

Are Promag good mags? NO. All they are good for is a paper weight.

My extractor color looks funny, is there something wrong? This is normal. Some extractors will look purple. The hardness of the steel sometimes does not take blueing well.

How do you color the lettering red or white? Use china markers or paint. Cover the letters and wipe off the excess.

When I decock, does the hammer hit the firing pin? Yes and no. On the first generation USP, there is no half cock. So when you decock, the hammer does hit the firing pin, but the firing pin block prevents the firing pin from contacting the primer. On later guns, when you decock, the hammer is released to the half cock position.

There's a lot of play between the slide and the frame, how can I fix it? You can't. Repeat after me, "It's not a 1911." 1911 are often handfitted and will have a tight but smooth slide to frame fit. USP is a mass produced gun. Tolerances between parts are design to be loose which aids in production. Loose fit is sometimes more reliable also.

Can I buy conversion kits in the US? No, if you can, it will cost as much as a new gun.

I can't reach the mag release with my thumb, help? Use your trigger finger or middle finger.

When I do a field strip, the pin above the safety is shifted, is this a problem? The pin will move sometimes. Just push it back before you reinstall the slide.

Is it safe to drop the hammer with the slide off? No, don't do it. You are causing excessive wear and tear.

Are the trigger in the Match, Tactical, Expert, and Elite the same? Yes, but do to variations in production, you will get slightly different pulls on each of them.

Where can I get a USP in 357 Sig? 357 Sig is a necked down 40 S&W. USPc40 can be converted to 357 Sig with a barrel change. Fullsize guns have experienced feed problems with a barrel swap.

What are the solutions to fix accidental decocking when riding the safety? There are 3 things you can do to prevent accidental decocking when riding the safety. One, change to V9 or V10, but you lose decocking capabilities. Two, install an ambidextrous safety. The safety lever on the other side will hit your hand preventing you from decocking while firing. If you need to decock, you will have to shift your hand slight. Three, modify the detent plate. If you look at how the detent plate works, by carefully filing the ramp so it is more vertical, it will get harder to decock. If you take off too much, it won't decock at all.

How do you lighten the LEM trigger? Here's is Big Bore's write up on doing a LEM trigger job.

How should you grip a gun? Here are a couple links on what is the best way to grip a gun.

Lost the dot on the sights? This has happen on the USP, but guess HK can't seem to get it right for the last 3 decades. P7's have been having this problem for a long time. The rod can be super glued back in. If you lose the rod, you can fill the hole with paint.

Why are some P7 plum colored? The P7 metal is incredibly hard and very difficult to blue. The plum color is basically a bad bluing job. Even if you get it reblued, the back of the slide will often be a different color.
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