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HK Heavy Bipod, Choate MP5-K Stock, K-Grip, Handguards -- Pictures Inside

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Clearing my parts bin.
**First person with "I will take it" follow by PM gets the item**
M.O or Paypal Gift or 3.5% fee.
No trade please.


HK91 & HK93 VersaPod Heavy Bipod for: SOLD TO Waylon43
$89 shipped
More stable than the standard HK bipod
Has HK mount w/ QD release & Adjustable legs

Choate MP5K stock & K-Grip for SOLD TO: CAPTJEREMYMILES
120 shipped
(will not separate / unknown Mfg for K-Grip)

US made MP5 wide handguards for $18 each shipped

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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