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2. HK HK33 / HK93 / G3K handguard in good condition, has a shiny spot on the left side. Date code is 1IC. Looking to get $65 + shipping
3. HK German hammer, sear, and trigger taken from a HK semi-only ambi pack (will work just fine in a SEF pack as well). $25 shipped

1. [SOLD]HK HK33 / HK93 / G3K handguard in excellent condition. Date code is 2ID. Looking to get $95 + shipping[SOLD]
4. [SOLD] US-made HK33/ HK93 extended cocking handle. Test fitted but never installed, so in great shape. Does not fit Z43P due to unique Turkish design choices. $30 shipped [SOLD]

I accept USPS money orders and PayPal friends/family or +3%. Please PM me with any questions since they push to my email and I check that often.

I'm also more than happy to take additional pictures or answer any questions.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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