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HK in Action 2



Members of the German Bundeswehr on KFOR duty in Kosovo with full size G36 rifles.

German Spezialeinsatzkommando (SEK) operators from South Bavaria practicing bus assault. P7s with magazine base plate light mounts and lanyards are evident. See HK in Action I for more SEK.

SEK from the exterior of the bus. Say goodnight!

SEK Operator with quite old MP5SD3 and Hensoldt optic. This is one of the earliest iterations of the famous SD, yet still in action in Germany. I would guess this operator is left handed by the way he has the gun set up, with a simple loop sling, and the gun hanging with its right side against the body, extra mag to the left side of the gun. This unit has obviously not yet discovered the beauty of the ambidextrous sling!

Members of the SEK in prepare to stage an entry on the ICE, (Inter City Express) train. Note the collapsible ladder and P7 pistols.

Most likely a member of the Italian9° reggimento Assaltatori Paracadutisti "Col. Moschin"with HK69. Note the Beretta Model 12 9mm SMG.

French GIGN operator with tricked out MP5 and night vision. It is only my personal opinion, and take it for what it is worth, but I think you can get carried away with accessories for guns, and take away from the emphasis on technique. There is at least a visible light laser, Infrared laser, infrared illuminator and red dot scope (because he sure can't use the sights!) plus what he is wearing on his head. This is a setup for total darkness. How much can fail here?

GIGN Sniper with MSG90.

German Kampfschwimmer with G36 rifles.

Kampfschwimmer with HK21E
The essence of HK in Action is the firing sequence itself. Officer Joe Bernhard of the Columbia, MO Police STAR Team fires his G36K, as the bolt closes on a fresh round, and the ejected case is but a blur.


HK in action at Santana High School, Santee, (near San Diego), California on March 5, 2001. Weapons are ubiquitous MP5A2 submachine guns. This agency is identified as the San Diego County Sheriff's Dept. SWAT. They are somewhat unusual in that they employ green flight suits for their duty fatigues. In the lower photo, the officer on the right captures the essence of rapid deployment. Probably straight from the gym, he threw on the vest, helmet and pistol, and got busy, not taking the time to fully dress out. Obviously dressing out is part of an activity that will do nothing to save lives, and contributes thereby, nothing to the primary mission--(saving lives.)

This should not be taken to mean that the other officers wasted time, for we can't tell who arrived when, and whether the call had already gone out that the shooter was in custody. I would bet that the officer on the right was one of the first there. Photo above by Denis Poroy/Associated Press. Photo below by Nancee Lewis, San Diego Union Tribune/Associated Press.


HK in Action in Manila, The Philippines. An MSG90 deployed at the scene of one of five bombings, 12/30/2000.

Members of the Northeast Metro Law Enforcement Council Special Operations Unit (NEMLEC-SOU) at the scene of the Wakefield Edgewater Technology shootings. This team is a cooperative tactical unit from several small Mass. jurisdictions. Gun on second officer is an MP5K-PDW with dual mag clamp. Photo by Steven Senne/AP

Members of the Middlesex County (Mass) Sheriffs Office team standing guard at the courthouse during the arraignment of the suspect. Guns are likely MP5/40A4s, given the relative scarcity of the MP5/10 outside of the FBI. (A4 because a burst group is evident in combination with a fixed stock.) Photo by Charles Krupa/AP

The following two photographs are German news pictures captioned as follows: "Armed policemen search for the suspected murderer and child molester Frank Schmökel in a woodland near the eastern German village Großdubrau, East Saxony, about 240 kilometers (150 miles) southeast of Berlin, Monday, November 6, 2000. Schmökel escaped custody on Wednesday, October 25, 2000." Note from an HKPRO visitor from Germany:

"Schmökel escaped his wardens, as he was a patient in a mental home because of several rape cases, when he was allowed to visit his sick mother. He grabbed a knife, stabbed his mother, non-fatally and the two wardens (one died) and escaped. After he escaped, a massive search started, during which he killed someone else and stole his car. After four weeks of being chased by the police through various German states, he was found and shot in the leg. He survived, and will never ever see daylight again."

German officer with garden variety MP5A2 and rather obsolete straight (waffle) magazine, useful with ball ammunition but a horrible performer with hollowpoints.

Another officer from the same manhunt, with same very common (in Germany) MP5A2. There was lots of HKPRO interest in her, when first posted on the front page. A blond cop with an MP5? Down boys!


Estonian Special Operations Group members with MP5SD3s in the drink.

Second shot of Estonian SOG with SDs, coming out of the water. Observation: Granted up front: These, as most of the HKPRO submitted email photos, are staged. And these guys have their eyes right where they need to be in reference to proper sight picture. So why not just extend the stock for the extra stability that the shoulder support brings? This is not quite CQB, and not textbook shoulder weld either. No matter what, don't mean to pick apart their style, but whatever they do, clean those guns after the exercises. Can't youhearthe rust forming on those magazines?

Great form on this Estonian operator. He appears to be squared up, his head is up and he is ready to to roll. Finger off trigger, though he appears to have acquired target. Gun is selected to semi though not easily visible since the photo has been reduced. This is an MP5K with what appears to be a 0-1-30 trigger group, suggesting other than German manufacture.


Estonian SOG with MP5A3, MP5K and Makarov PM pistol doing some shield work.


Estonian SOG with MP5SD3s, and what appears to be a pretty sophisticated night vision scope. What is it? This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Member of the elite German KSK with G36K.

Australian Army 4RAR Commando Regiment Operator during exercise Red Dawn, July 1999, South Australia.

Members of the Samodzielny Pododdzia³ Antyterrorystyczny Policji-SPAP in Poland pose for the camera.

Members of the Polish SPAP take aim with MP5A3s.
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