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I've been a long time site visitor but on noticing the lack of photos of Australian military/LEO HK's in action i decided id sign up and share with all my fellow H&K fan's some pictures of Australias Tactical Assault Group - East (TAG-E) using their H&K's

during a Night fast roping during an anti terror exercise in Sydney Harbour , an article that that picture above comes from

 , a link to a very large photo an article about TAG and some very nice pictures!

and a nice video TAG in action which is pretty impressive!

i hope you guys enjoy these as much as i do , please feel free to leave any comments about the picture it would be much appreciated :)
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Hey Gremlin5!
What a great first post, awesome pics and info. I think your only problem now is the high expectations we have of you. ;) Welcome aboard.
Well then ill try not to dissapoint ;) , and thanks to everyone for the welcome :)

so here is a high res version (3000 x 2035 pixels) of the very first image i posted above

and for the high res version of the above image

and what has to be my favourite photo of all

it may not stand out to most people but the MP5 is hidden in there like a present for all HK lovers ;)

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About the Masks....afaik the aussies use it also on there real teams...I don´t know what for...but they do.

the pic below shows no aussies but canadian RCMP ERT or how ever they are called now.

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