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Has anyone received their adapters from Celticmaster? I sent him payment waaaay over two plus months ago. He stated that he shipped mine (which I never received) and then found out that it was damaged in the mail. I e-mailed him asking when I was to expect my replacement...his response was "sending it as we speak". This was back in the middle of November and as of yet I've received nothing.

He claims to have sent me e-mails that I never received, nor ones I've sent him. I sent him another e-mail from my g-mail account along with my phone number asking him to call me. He responded that he got it, so he has my number and e-mail. I've still yet to hear from him even after numerous additional e-mails and PM-ing him from this board.

I'm starting to smell a skunk here...has anyone else been in RECENT contact with or received their adapter(s) from him? I cannot locate his physical mailing info, and if anyone has it please PM me with it. Next step is a registered letter to him.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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