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HK marked Benelli MP90S pistol?

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I think I asked this previously, not sure at the moment. Been away from the site for around a year or so and figured with all the new members it might be a good time to throw this out there again. Does anyone have a HK marked Benelli MP90S pistol? Or pics/literature/anything? Here is a pic of the only documentation I can currently find.
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MP90S with H&K markings

Found this thread by chance while searching for a 0051 firing pin...

I have one, purchased it from B&B in Hollywood CA. Oct 1992.. This is the infamous gunstore that supplied assult rifles to the LAPD during the shoot-out of a few well armed and armoured bank robbers..Went national..

B&B had two at the time and picked this one...I tried to get a few spare parts from H&K but they would have no part of it!!!

The sent me to EAA in Florida..they just started to handle the pistol and had no parts in stock either...

I wrote Italy and a few weeks later received a box of spare parts for free...Used up my last firing pin thus the search..Found out Benelli change the bolt and firing pin and Larry's says I will have to buy a new bolt and pin.($380)..I'm about to write Urbino again if BENUSA doesn't R/R the bolt under that Limited Lifetime Warranty...

No it's not for sale........


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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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