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Bunch of diopters I've accrued over the last few years - need to start clearing out. All are HK, all other than the one with the sight base are new.

$50 per drum + $10 shipping (can bundle)
[13 10 available] HK Marked retail bags are gone - still have 2 1 more in hk Germany packaging, and 9 in bulk pack

The diopter with the sight base I believe to be old German but don't know for sure 🤷🏻‍♂️ $65 + $10 ship (can bundle with others)

If you want more than one, PM me and we can discuss bulk discounting

Discrete PayPal preferred - FF or GS (add 4% on total to cover fees), USPS MO also accepted but won't ship until it clears/cashes


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Decided I don't need this A3 since I prefer to shoot A2s anyways -

Great condition. Small wear spot on the sling loop - some subtle wear on the rail's finish. This thing has just been sitting in my safe for a few years and has been oiled/greased to prevent rust.

The stock looks great in person to me but I tried to highlight flaws so you can make your own decisions. More pictures can be provided upon request.

Asking $950 shipped - will add insurance upon request at cost. Ships via USPS and will be bubble wrapped to hell and then put in a box.

First I'll talk it followed by a PM gets it -

Door Household hardware Nickel Auto part Metal

Gas Auto part Metal Close-up Monochrome photography

Handle Wood Door Auto part Circle

Household hardware Cylinder Gas Gun accessory Door

Grille Wood Rectangle Bumper Automotive exterior
Wood Bumper Grille Gas Office supplies

Helmet Tool Bicycle part Bumper Eyewear

Automotive lighting Gesture Grey Grille Automotive exterior

Door Wood Metal Monochrome Monochrome photography

Payment methods:

PayPal FF is preferred, GS +4%
also have Zelle
USPS MO works too but won't ship until payment clears.
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