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I recently bought the gun at a local gun show. Not realizing HK had licensed these to Walther, I left the show so I could research them a little before deciding to buy. I read some good reviews on it so I went back to the gun show and started dealing on the firearm. They had it marked at $480 but I negotiated it down to $440 since it was late in the day on the final day of the show. Happy with my purchase, I took the gun home.

I was a little disappointed that it did not come with a plastic carry case or an extra magazine, but those are minor details. The gun is quite hefty and feels like a really solid piece of firepower, which I was happy about. I did not want it to feel like an airsoft gun and it definitely lets you know it is a serious gun with its weight. It is a really solid unit, much more so than the GSG 5 that my friend has had for a while. I decided to take it to the range along with a box of Remington Thunderbolt HV .22 LR ammo. I did bring some Federal 36 grain lead round nose rounds just to see if it mattered. I have not shot more expensive high velocity rounds yet.

My plan was to sight it in first from 25 yards and then test it from 50 yards to see how spot on it was. Spotting scope in hand, I set out to sight it in. I am an "iron sights" kind of guy, so I had no interest in a scope mount and scope. The first shots were low and left, so I made some minor adjustments with the allen wrench (included) and a Philips screwdriver. After about four adjustments, the elevation and windage were spot on from 25 yards after multiple tests. I moved to 50 yards and performed the same checks and I found it was still pretty darn good with minimal change from 25 yard shooting. I am no expert at sighting in guns, but I believe I did an adequate job.

Next, I put the gun through its paces. I went from target shooting in nice groupings to trying to drop small pepper poppers (about 8" tall and .5" thick). I was pretty surprised that the little 22 was able to drop them with good shots to the very top of the popper. That was great fun with the little gun since there was a row of ten of them. I would rapidly try to drop them from left to right and rarely had to double tap to drop them. Through this quick acquire and shoot fun, the gun never jammed or misfired. I could pull the trigger as fast as I wanted and the gun would respond well. The magazine was quick to reload, so I wasn't feeling too bad about not having an extra.

The range we shoot at is full of steel targets and spinners since they regularly host cowboy shoots on the weekends. We decided to set up a nice sequence where we could shoot 5 spinners, 5 golf balls on tees, 5 steel targets that drop when hit, and then some paper plates. We'd go left to right and try to hit everything with one magazine. THIS GUN IS A TON OF FUN. We had a blast just going through the sequence, trying for speed and accuracy. The gun just sings through the paces and I never had a misfire or jam no matter what ammo I was trying. The gun is just so solidly built and with the .22 round, you can just acquire and rapid fire your target with amazing accuracy.

When I got back home, I broke the gun down to give it a good cleaning. It doesn't break down much, so you have to rely on good cleaning spray and let it do its thing. The barrel can only be brushed and cleaned from the muzzle side, which just goes with the territory. After a good barrel clean, I cleaned the rest of the gun and oiled the spring, extractor and firing pin. The gun doesn't take long to clean at all.

This is my first .22 and I love it so far. It is a joy to shoot and CHEAP to plink with. I usually shoot an Armalite AR-15, and HK USP .45 and a Beretta 92FS. This gun is a wonderful addition to my collection because it is solid, trouble free, cheap to shoot and easy to maintain. I would recommend it to anyone. It is kind of funny to hear comments at the range with people asking each other if the "suppressor" is real or not. I don't think people understand that it isn't me trying to fake it ... it is required to be a long rifle.

I would recommend you shoot HV ammo out of it. I tried some regular rounds and was not happy with the performance. They were still accurate, but you could see a drop off when trying to plink from 50 yards. The book wants HV for a reason. :)

It may seem expensive for a .22 LR, but I am so happy I bought it. It is great fun to shoot and I am not disappointed at all! Bear in mind that I am not an expert and don't claim to be anything more than a respectable gun aficionado. This is now my favorite gun in my modest collection!
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