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HK MP5K-N Parts Kit on GB

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I'm not sure a discussion of HKs to buy before Nov 8 is allowed in the non premium area of the forum but I do think it's an interesting topic!

Personally I have bought or had built several HK hosts and a few clones. I have been steadily stacking "high capacity" magazines for the AR platform as well as MP5, MP5/40, HK91, HK93... Ect. Ammo of course, and any other semi auto "scary gun" unfortunately my list is too long and I didn't start quite as early as I would have liked. (Was in the middle of resto-moding a 1985 M1009 CUCV) so I have had to prioritize.

Plus I already have 2x SP5Ks at MM now undergoing full conversion to MP5K-N one with a genuine PDW barrel and the other with the new B&T. I'd love to throw this in the safe but mags and black rifles take precedence now.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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