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HK MR556 at Cabelas, Gonzales Louisiana

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Looks like they have one of these as well.

Gun Library: Heckler & Koch MR 556 A1 5.56mmX45 : Cabela's
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I wonder how much they paid the person they bought it from? Perhaps $1500.00 to $2000.00 ? They have to make a little money off the deal, right?

Their policy is to pay 40% back of market value, and they go off book value pretty strongly, or what they sell them for in store if applicable. Unfortunately they then mark them up to market value, which often means the used gun costs more than new from Buds or elsewhere... That being said, there are deals to be had if the salesman bought it right as their markup tends to be standard, and they also often have 10% off discounts and other incentives here and there.

While that sounds extreme, thats pretty standard for gun stores with the difference being Cabelas tends to pay more for used guns than other stores, meaning they sell for more than other stores. The other few local shops that buy them will literally give you 35-40% back of wholesale gun value, which can often be 30% less than market/retail value, with the upside being the buyer can get a screaming deal on a used gun. I know I watch Scottsdale gun Club like a hawk for used firearms because they get very nice firearms for WAY under market and are sold for hundreds less than I can even bargain on forums for... But id hate to be the poor soul that sells them those used guns because they are getting NOTHING for them!
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