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Regarding the HK MR556 extractor spring / buffer:

I have spent some time reviewing the forums with respect to extractor spring / buffer issues. And usually the discussion involves D rings, O-rings, Wolff springs and color coded buffers - and with respect to actual ejection/ extraction issues.

My question however is just about replacement and 3rd party substitutes for the HK proprietary extractor spring/buffer:

1)My understanding is that, with respect to the MR556, the standard MR556 extractor spring is a 'dual' spring , supposedly much stronger than a typical spring. But when i look at mine, all I see is a simple spring with flat ends on some proprietary black buffer. So I don't really know how strong this HK proprietary spring/buffer system is. I am a little hesitant to switch to a 3rd party spring (if I ever needed to) , especially since this is a 16.5 " barrel (falls between rifle and carbine length and therefore not clear about blue versus black buffered spring strengths)

2) Also, several members have noted that this HK spring/ buffer should 'snap' into the actual extractor, or at least require some work to get the spring out. Mine just fell out - spring with buffer. There is no tight fit on the extractor, and there doesn't seem to be any real issue with just placing it right back on the extractor , making sure the buffer is in proper position. Perhaps this ease of removal is a function of the type of HK rifle, but with respect to the MR556, is there suppose to be difficulty removing it? And is this why is it always recommended to replace the extractor/buffer every time you remove the extractor from the bolt?
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