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Hey dudes. I'm not new to HK guns, or even the MR556A1/416, but I am new to modding them in major ways, specifically barrel cutting.

I recently bought a HK CR556A1 that I intend to cut to 12.85 inches, put a Geissele 10.5 SMR, BCM Gunfighter Sopmod stock, Trijicon Accupower 1-4 (holdover until I get either a Khales, Leupold, Eotech Vudu, higher mag Trijicon, or Nightforce. Still undecided.), Surefire Warcomp to mount my Surefire Socom Mini to, BCM KAG, Daniel Defense QD adapter so I don't have to remove the stock HK endplate, 416 mag release button because I hate the competition one, titanium takedown pin and pivot pin to replace the ball bearing HK stock one, B5 trigger guard, HK Battle Grip V2, DBAL A3, and a Surefire 600DF.

Now that I've given you info you don't need, my question is, will the standard gas block w/ the bleed port still work with the shorter 12.85 barrel, or should I get a closed off 416 10.39 gas block?

I want the 12.85 to maintain muzzle velocity while still being fairly compact with and without the can.

So what's the shortest you guys have cut the barrel to and it still run with the stock bleed port gas block? And did it maintain it's accuracy after you cut it? I'm aware of the bore taper, but I'm unsure of the real world effect on accuracy if it's cut a quarter of the way down.

Thanks in advance!
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