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HK MR762 with 10 mags, bag and Timney Trigger - SOLD!

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Unfortunately my long range habit keeps growing, and I just dont have the place for a 16 inch rifle amongst my Scar 17 CQB, LWRC REPR 20 inch, and on the way, a Barrett MRAD, and I want to gut a large chunk of that Barrett before it hits my credit card, so the MR762 has to go. There are a couple threads from me on here with my build progress, loading and shooting habits. This gun shoots .5 MOA regularly with my hand loads, and has never shot a group over 1 MOA with Federal Gold Medal Match 175s. I also shoot it to 1100 yards regularly with my hand loads, and 1,000 yards with factory SMK 175s (the factory stuff will hit 1100 with no wind, but they are subsonic at that point and inconsistent with any breeze, with my hand loads its pretty consistent). If you load, I am happy to share my recipes, although I admit, they are tailored to my REPR, but ive yet to find anything that wont shoot 1/2 MOA in this gun. The Timney has worked 100% with the 5 different ammos I tested it with, a well as every handload without a single light primer strike or misfire.
I have a total of 200 rounds through this MR762 and have only used two of the magazines with 8 more new in wrapper still.

Included in this package is the following:
MR762 rifle
Troy flip up sights
HK bag
10 (ten) total HK MR762 20 round magazines
Custom Timney Trigger set to 3.5 lbs - this was made by Timney and installed by their engineers at Timney which is down the street from my station
Surefire flash hider (these are unobtainable, so I will gladly keep it and sell it if you dont want it) for the RC series suppressors
Factory trigger assembly, trigger guard, and flash hider

I will NOT under any circumstances separate anything, so please dont ask. If I dont get what I want, it will just stay in the safe.

$4000 shipped for everything.

Pictures show the gun and everything included, and a 5 shot and 3 shot group from doing my load developments. It has posted up many better groups, these are just the two I had on my phone.


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