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HK Newbie

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Hey guys, starting my first HK clone build, a V53 using as many real German parts I can get my hands on. You'll probably be seeing a lot of me while I piece this thing together. Looking forward to being a part of this forum, looks like a nice one. I have also frequented AKFiles and with the same user name
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Oh, by the way, I'm in Reno Nevada. Any other HK guys in the area?
Welcome Max, looks like you may have an AK and AR also then.
Welcome from the Commonwealth of Virginia. I have not got into AR's yet, but maybe one day soon. I have always had an interest in bolt action varmint rifles; 223/5.56, but other than handling AR's in the military, my interest has been in passing, but building STRONGLY!
Thanks guys, yes I have a few AR's and AK's as well. My most recent obsession has been AK's and now that I've owned and built one of almost every variant available I'm looking for a new obsession. I think HK is going to be a winner
I'm here in Sparks : ) I've definitely never built one, but I own an SP5K, USP .45, and have previously owned the USP Match .45. Very fun guns with a mystique about them.
Hey SportoDeluxe, that's awesome we should go shooting sometime.
Sounds like a sweet build...Welcome from Idaho!
Welcome, can't wait to see the progress on your project.
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