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HK Noob from GA

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Hey y'all. I'm new to the HK world, not new to firearms. I am waiting for my HK USPct .45 to arrive at my FFL and hopefully that should be this week. I currently have a Glock 17, 23, and 30, and a Walther P22 (pretty fun plinking gun). Me daily carry is my G30. I carry IWB in a CTAC holster. I am hoping to carry my HK once I get it and shoot enough rounds through it to make sure I am proficient with it and comfortable with it's performance. I know HK is legendary for quality and reliability, I just like to shoot a firearm a bunch before I am willing to say I will trust my life to it. (that last sentence doesn't look right, but hopefully y'all get my drift).

I have searched the forum and still am a little unclear as to what my holster options are for the USPct. I have found a lot of holsters online for the USP and USPc but not any for the ct. I would like to get a nice leather OWB for this gun. I have looked at a lot of the manufacturers' sites and do not see my gun listed. Anyone else carry this gun? What do you carry it in?


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