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HK P2000 V4

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Hi all,
So I recently picked up a used LEO P2000 in 9mm. It has the LEM trigger, V2 I think. I am traditionally a DA/SA guy, but I am really starting to love this LEM trigger.:wink: It helps too that it's a lot easier for the wife to use when we go shooting. I know a lot of folks on here rave about the Light LEM, i.e. V1, but I'm not comfortable carrying it with that light weight of a trigger (at least not yet). I'd like to get it at the V4 pull weight. Would someone please tell me what parts I might need?

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Save yourself some shipping. When you order the FPBS, go ahead and get the TRS. You will want it later.
Trust me, if you can strip the frame, the slide is nothing. The slide is a two minute job. I used the above thread when I did mine. Left my laptop sitting on the bench next to me. Had no problems.

My P30 should be here tomorrow, and my FPBS and TRS should be here from HKParts Friday. So I guess I will spend Friday night in the garage.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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