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HK P30 firing issues

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New guy here but long time HK shooter.

So I sent in the P30 and SK to a gunsmith in Colorado to tune up the trigger reset and lighten the pull. SK is awesome.
P30 has gone back 4x for: light hammer strikes, dropping the slide drops hammer, on and on. Basically done with this guy.

Still having trouble as 1 in 15 rounds will have a light hammer strike and will fail to fire. Hammer spring is the blue stock one.
Ideas on what I can do to fix this? Have tried all kinds of ammo and it happens with all ammo, but slighly worse with steel cased.

Disappointing as I have several thousand rounds down the tube and love the pistol. I am quickly loosing confidence that a trigger pull will result in a boom.

Thank you!
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Sorry to hear this, I hope you get it worked out. I agree with pc7 and send it to James or HK, good luck!
I 2nd that. Why guess??
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