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I've updated my HK P30 review over in the other section. This is just my first range trip. If you want to see more pictures of the P30, go here:

RANGE REPORT #1 (24 NOV 07, Charlie Elliot Wildlife Area, Georgia):

It was about 45 degrees F and very windy. We had some good gusts there, a few people, including myself, lost the stuff off our tables. Hands got cold pretty quickly, and the cold wind teared up the eyes, so this will be the first range report of AT LEAST a total of two. I took 600 rounds to the range, but only fired 200 rounds.

FUNCTION: Ammo was Winchester white box (WWB) from Walmart. Not one malfunction occurred in 200 rounds. Also, it was nice to be able to put 15 rounds in a 15 rounds magazine without a mag loader. I was able to push 15 rounds in the magazines with just a little more effort at the end.

Below are the targets. All were fired standing, non-supported, at 12 yards. The secont picture, left target is all double action. I need to shoot the pistol more to determine if I need to adjust the sights to move POI to the right a little more. Note that I do bullseye a few DA shots.

FIRING: This is hard to describe. I think the trigger pull in my SIG P226 9mm is better than the P30, but when combined with the ergonomics of the P30, the "trigger/control" of the pistol was much better than the SIG. The grip texture enables me to limit the pistol twisting as it recoils within my grip. Also, the P30s grip makes it easier for me to position the pistol in a proper hold (barrel bore axis to wrist to elbow to shoulder) with a DA trigger than the SIG P226.

RESET: However, my SIG P229 Elite, with the short reset trigger (SRT), has the advantage with rapid fire. On one rapid fire string, I pulled the trigger to fire before it reset.

SIGHTS: I was able to see the sights with no problem, but the jury is still out on whether I prefer these to the SIG night sights. In day, the P30 sights are greenish, the SIG night sights are white.(As a note: I had kept the P30 in the safe all week, so as I opened the safe, I kept the lights off. Inside, I had three sets of SIG sights glowing back at me, but the P30 sights were nowhere to be seen. Of course, this was to be expected.)

MORE TO FOLLOW!!!!!! Next range trip...?????
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