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HK p30 sights

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I purchased a threaded barrel from HKparts to use on my p30. I will be using a silencerco suppressor. The question for you all: can I use the same
sights that came with the gun or do I need something taller to accommodate the suppressor? My suppressor app went pending Nov 7 and I'm still
waiting for it to get thru the system, so I don't have it to see if the current sights will work. Thought maybe some of you had experience with
this or other guns that you shot suppressed.
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Heinie straight 8 sights are taller than stock sights. They also make even taller ones for the P30 if you need them for suppressed ones.
Heinie makes even taller ones? I'm thinking about running my Thompson machine Isis 2 on my p30 and the sights just miss the tube. So I need something at least 1/8" higher....
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