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HK p30 sights

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I purchased a threaded barrel from HKparts to use on my p30. I will be using a silencerco suppressor. The question for you all: can I use the same
sights that came with the gun or do I need something taller to accommodate the suppressor? My suppressor app went pending Nov 7 and I'm still
waiting for it to get thru the system, so I don't have it to see if the current sights will work. Thought maybe some of you had experience with
this or other guns that you shot suppressed.
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Do you know the outside diameter of the suppressor you ordered? It would be an easy thing to measure into your pistol. Take a cut down pencil with the eraser just sticking out of the barrel. Cut a round disk the diameter of your suppressor from paper & pin it to the center of the eraser. There ya go!! You can then figure out how tall your sights need to be. Heinie straight 8 sights are taller than stock sights. They also make even taller ones for the P30 if you need them for suppressed ones. I would NOT order anything until you have the suppressor in hand & on your gun. But the disk exercise will give you an idea of where you stand.

The damn Feds can take forever (2 years!) to get off their butts & issue a permit. We at work have some for rifles take 20 months. I HATE THE BATFE!!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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