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Hk p30 v3 holster

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Any suggestions? Not looking to conceal carry. Was going to take a class to learn to shoot my p30 and instructor said I would need a holster and two mag pouches. Hoping this will lead to competition shooting/recreational fun. BTW total noob here so not sure iwb owb retention or 15 degree angle or straight.
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I use a Blade-Tech Stingray for range use and a Raven Concealment Systems Phantom for concealed carry. Both are OWB.
Comptac makes a great outside of waistband (OWB) holster that is a neutral cant (straight up and down, inline with leg). I use this holster for competition, and it is excellent. Their lead time is much easier than Raven, three days of production time currently. The holster has screws to adjust how tight the retention is on the gun. Comptac also has great mag pouches.

Stay far away from the SERPA type holsters. Do a youtube search if you don't already know.
I agree 100% with Apollo11, stay far away from the SERPA type holsters.
Paddle vs Belt Loop

Any advice on paddle vs belt loop? Any positive or negatives to either?
+1 on staying away from SERPA's. You should look into a safariland as well. I've driven my issued duty holsters made by safariland into the ground and never had them fail in my personal experience. But all the holsters mentioned above are great choices.
Safariland. I put a review up in here recently...
Any advice on paddle vs belt loop? Any positive or negatives to either?
I use the belt loop version because it fits better for me. I also get a more secure feeling, but YMMV. Comptac is good kit for sure, as is the Safariland.
give Cotton a try at and see what he can do for you. the pancake he makes is great and at $59 + shipping it's a great deal.
You haven't had your finger caught between the trigger and trigger guard yet? I developed a nasty callous there from it happening so much. It is common for some people, but not all.
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