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I searched for a long time to find a holster that would fit a P30 with the viridian laser back in February. I was not interested in kydex, I don't like the loudness of the material or how it feels. Needless to say it was really hard to find a company that made a good quality holster that wasn't kydex. I realized that it would have to be custom made if I wanted leather.

I really like clip style holsters that I can wear at the 1:00 0'clock position. After a week or two of research I stumbled upon wright leather works. A company I had never heard of but they had one of the Top Shot (tv show) guys give them a pretty good review. Their prices seemed pretty good compared to most places but they didn't have a holster for my gun/laser-light combo. I called Scott Wright one of the brothers and he went out of his way to make me a holster. He called Viridian and had them send a mold for the C5L and he custom made me the first HK p30s w/Viridian C5L Leather Clip Holster.

He didn't charge me extra and left the price at their standard price and it was at my house in a month.

I just wanted to help out anyone looking for a holster for your p30 with a viridian and save you some time. They are out there you just have to ask in most cases, but I assume more will become available as the popularity of the green laser rises. I recommend wright leather works.

If you guys know of anyone else making holsters for the combo post a reply.
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