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HK P9S issues, suggestions?

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I bought a police surplus P9S in 9mm never had much luck with it, it shot high and right and the recoil was much snappier than advertised.

On the former, figured out the front sight was bent to the left. I called HK this morning and the CS rep said they don't "do anything" with the P9S any more, but forwarded me to a repair person who hasn't gotten back to me yet. Anyone have any suggestions to fix a bent front sight?

On the latter, I looked at the recoil buffer and it has solidified into a rock hard mass. I have a spare buffer but I can't get the old one out. Any tips?
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A dental pick or some similar tool and then maybe some denatured alcohol and wooden stemmed swabs would remove the buffer. I had the .45 P9S and it was really tough to get the buffer housing back together until I got a second generation housing. You didn't mention that yours wasn't so hard to get apart so that's a plus. The screws that fit into each other are very soft so just be careful not to bugger up the slots when turning them. I loved my pistol ( had to sell it for financkal reasons and I made a little profit on it). It was the softest shooting .45 I have ever shot. I know yours is a nine but it will probably do better with the new buffer. You probably already have these links but just in case:
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Thanks for the info. I got a reply from HK repair dept, confirmed they do *NOT* work on the P9S any more and all spare parts have been sold to Numrich. Just ordered a new front sight from them and will have a local gunsmith install it.

Going to try to dig out the recoil buffer tonight with some metal picks.
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