Wts HK Pre Samples

MP5 all date code matching with a receiver code of “HK” 1979 all original blue/grey finish (Terry Dyer inspected this at Knob Creek and agreed on the original finish) Original slim hand guard and A2 stock. Comes with 1-30 round HK magazine. One of the nicest ones you’ll see out there. I’ve fired it very little after getting it in. On a Form 3 ready to eFile $20.5k SPF

MP5-SD matching suppressor and receiver combo plus this is one of the few that is “HK T&E ONLY” marked on the receiver. Suppressor was sent to Terry Dyer to have the mounting threads fixed as it was very loose. Papered as an original A2 import gun and both suppressor and receiver are on Form 3’s ready to eFile $26.5k

Prices are OBRO and shipping is not included. Funds are up front before paperwork is filed. Cashiers check, wire transfer, cash if picking up local.

Pics upon request-this is the only one i have on my phone at this time

Cal or txt (330) 432-459eight