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The purpose of this topic is to help the HKPRO community find deals on common parts. If you find a good deal post a reply.

HK G3 HK91

PTR-91 GI, HK-91 Clone
$929 GI
$929 GI
$929 GI
$929 GI
$929 GI
$929 GI
$995 GI R (paddle mag + rail)
$995 GI R
$995 GI R
$998 GI R

Century Arms CETME .308 C308
$580 C308 (rail, 4 rnd, 20 rnd)
$700 C308 (rail, 5 rnd, 2 20 rnd)
$700 C308 (rail, 5 rnd, 7 20 rnd)
$719 C308 (rail, 10 rnd)

.22 LR Conversion Kit G3 HK91

Hensoldt Fero Z 24 & ZF Model One Scope Kits STANAG Mount H&K G3 41 89 91 93 94 MP5
$436 ZF
$689 Z24

Magpul PRS2 G3 Precision Sniper Stock HK91 HK93
$176 code SPR2012

Parts Kits G3 CETME
$150 CETME
CETME Low Grade
$439 DMR + barrel

Barrels .308 caliber 7.62mmx51mm G3 G3K HK91 CETME
$100 CETME surplus & trunnion
$150 G3 w/ flash hider
$180 nitride US cut
$185 PTR 16" match
$187 Bravo5 US cut
$190 PTR 18" match
$200 RCM G3K 12.69" SS US
$200 RCM G3 SS US

50 Round Drum Allied Armament X-91
$230 Free ship
$230 Free ship

1200 Meter Rear Sight 3rd Gen H&K G3 MSG90

Collapsible / Retractable Paratrooper Stock HK G3 HK91
$150 HK Ex
$160 G
$185 HK surp
$199 like new
$200 HK surp
$200 VG to Ex
$206 HK new

Recoil Buffers Heavy Two Stage / Single Stage PSG1 MSG90 G3 HK-91
$50 HK MSG90 / PSG1
$55 heavy by HKPRO's ghilliebear2000
$150 HK PSG-1 MSG-90
heavy US clone
154 heavy Blued Guns

STANAG Type Scope Claw Mount Hendsoldt HK G3 HK91
$60 UTG 2nd Gen clone
$170 New + Picatinny Rail
$180 HK w/ G3 MP5 Illuminating Aiming Projector
$200 HK surplus

Light Bipod Wide Handguard HK G3 91 93 33
$67 Bravo5 New
$68 Promag steel
$75 POF
$78 duplicate

Lower Pistol Grip Trigger Assembly Housing HK G3 HK91
$7 HK HK33 SUO stripped
$10 HK Navy SEF (New German military issue)
$10 HK Navy SEF stripped
$40 HK steel SEF
$40 HK steel SEF
$60 Navy SEF
$80 Navy SEF

922r Parts (10 max foreign parts on post '89 imports + typically 7 US) - 18 US Code Chapter 44 Section 922(r)
$12 10 round Thermold Mag (3 US parts)
$15 20 round Thermold Mag (3 US parts)

$15 grip
$17 grip green PTR
$20 hammer
$20 trigger
$23 TAPCO T6 M4 stock
$25 hammer PTR
$25 sear
$25 sear PTR
$26 cocking handle
$30 flash suppressor
$40 stock section
$50 stock
$55 trunnion
$60 trigger housing
$62 tri-rail
$67 tri-rail UTG
$70 "
$75 grip poly lower

Hand Guard HK G3 HK91
$8 slim gn
$10 slim blk
$30 South African
$55 tri-rail
$56 German wide gn new
$56 German G3K wide gn new
$75 POF wide blk

Furniture Kit Stock Handguard Grip HK G3 HK91
$15 wood
$19 wood surp
$20 slim surp od
$51 German slim surp od

Magazines G3 HK91 Mags
$1 HK 20 rnd aluminum surp
$3 HK 20 rnd steel surp
$3 HK steel surp
$35 South African 30 round surp
$35 South African 30 round surp

Spare Parts Kit HK G3 HK91 PTR91

Ejection Port Buffer for Brass HK G3 HK91
$30 US polymer
$50 POF

Rear Sight Elevation Adjustment Tool HK G3 HK91

Receiver Flat HK91 G3

Block & Shelf Weld Kit HK91 G3

Rifle Bayonet HK 91 G3 33

Carrying Handle G3 HK91 HK33

Buttstock With Back Plate & Spring HK G3 HK91

Slings HK G3 HK91
$5 leather surplus
$5 leather surplus
$10 German new

Cleaning Kit HK G3 HK91

Miscellaneous G3 parts for $1.95+, Volume Discount Also

HK93 33

Century International Arms C93

HK33 Parts Kits
$325 no barrel
$340 no barrel
$349 US barrel

$450 US barrel

40 round Magazine HK33 HK93
$35 factory VG/Ex
$35 German VG
$35 German surplus

HK93 Slim Handguard


HK33 Contoured Trigger Housing - German Made

HK33 Original Carrying handle


HK MP5 HK94 SP89

HK MP5 HK94 POF Concave Collapsible Stock
$165 new
$185 POF New

HK MP5 SP89 Flat and Weld-up Kit

MP5K SP-89 Barrel
$99 German CHF surplus

Weld-up Kit

HK MP5 Receiver Flat


UMP Conversion

UMP Folding Stock

HK German UMP 25 Round Magazines

Stock Blocks

HKG3 HK 91 H&K MP5, HK94, SP89, HK93, HK33, UMP, USC sale prices.

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I've recently been G3 shopping, so I figured I would share the effort. There are some places with very inflated prices! You could easily spend more than you need to. This thread is also for any HK parts. It's mostly just G3 listed for now, because that's what I was buying at the moment. Feel free to post for all HK.

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Any place still have the black slim forearms? I am trying to reduce the weight on my 91.

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Thanks for taking the time on all of these useful links.Ive been recently shopping around for g3 stuff as well.

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There is a distinct difference...

Pictured below are real South African contract G3 Magazines.
Heavy gauge, parkerized metal, usually dark followers
with no forming marks on the edges :

Any others are cheap, or, as in the 2nd post above, even cheaper knockoffs.

Also, check out the pictures of some other South African mags in the top post here.
Side by side, the genuine heavy gauge, parkerized mags are a far cry from the ones
sold by "What a Country" and "Cheaper Than Dirt".

Just because someone labeled some mags "South African", doesn't mean they are.

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Yes they are listed as Original South African. They are stamped and manufactured exactly the same as the ones you posted except for the finish. They could have been refinished, or they could just be a different finish. I've seen the exact same type of original HK magazines in many different finishes, haven't you?

It sounds like you might have experience with this though. So, if you think they are not original South African, please contact the seller and let me know what they say.


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Either way, good listing! Makes it tough for me to sell the parts I have though and not lose money!! I over paid on a few things over the years I guess. :)

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It is, very much so! I have no doubt that it will still sell on gunbroker for market prices. You have done a great service to the guys here by helping us all save every buck that we can to get more goodies! After all, everyone wants the next "accessory" for their toys. I mean, guns are like Barbie for guys right?

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Hopefully, making it a stickie will prevent it from getting sucked into the 60 day rule of auto-delete like the rest of the Marketplace forums. :901:
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