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Hi all,

I have a variety of SL8-1 parts that I no longer have any use for. Everything is in excellent shape as the rifle was never fired much. I really don't want to split it up. I would rather sell it in one lot.

I priced it all out on HK Parts and think I am selling it at a great price. The list that I have includes...

HK SL8-1 10 round magazines (Quantity 3)
HK SL8-1 Pistol Grip/Buttstock/Front Handguard and mag well
HK SL8-1 Original sight rail with original rear and front sights
HK SL8-1 Gas Piston Rod Spring Assembly
HK SL8-1 Sling
HK SL8-1 Recoil Rod Assembly

Price is $175 or best offer for everything. I will calculate shipping separately and let you know the cost. Have sold things here before with no complaints.

Payment via PP friends and family.

Thanks for looking
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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