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Hk sp89 date codes

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Do all date codes on sp89 supose to have to match? A friend of mine got a NEW in a box 89 with KA receiver but the carrier and barrel on it are JA coded. is it frankenstein?
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Speculation goes as far back as saying that the original Roman alphabet didn't contain the letter "J". Others speculate that they just wanted the letter K (Koch) in the system so they skipped to it on the last number. I doubt if anyone really knows, or ever will know the real answer.

There is just as much and similar speculations about why military units don't use it. FYI the Roman military didn't use letter designation for units. Legions, Cohorts, and Centuries were all numbered. Remember that Roman numbers were letters, and imagine the confusion it would create to mix the two.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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