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HK SR9 with PSG pkg.

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Posted on another board by a long time member with solid feedback. Not mine, not affiliated in any way.

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The title says that it has been reduced at least twice. I suppose that is why I hadn’t posted it here earlier.

Being in sales for more than a few years has taught me that the asking price is the start line, the selling price is the finish line.

A discount can be like a beautiful woman; you probably wont get it unless you ask for it.

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That seems a bit pricy for one that looks like it’s seen some decent use. That said, PSG packs and grips don’t seem to be getting any cheaper these days.
Really clean SR9T’s seem to go for around 6k.

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Its a solid gun, ive seen his listing a few times.

However hes asking SR9T $ with an SR9 and TC parts. If this was a genuine T or TC, id be all over it! hell if he was willing to come down maybe a grand or so, I'd be interested.
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