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That is absolutely amazing. I wish that I could shoot 1/10th that well. Thanks for sharing.
It's amazing to watch this but what I find even more amazing is how much the basic fundamentals play a part in their success. For instances, the shooter visualizing and even getting some dry fire reps in right before the timer starts. Great vids and thanks for sharing.
When my bro in law competes he does a mini dry run in place with mini motions and mag dumps. I can't tell if he's practicing or praying....
Awesome stuff - love to see them representing our beloved HK's in such a grand fashion.

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what caliber do you suppose he is shooting?
what caliber do you suppose he is shooting?
Probably a 9.

Awesome stuff.
They are shooting P30l 9mm, or at least thats what they said a year ago at SHOT.
what caliber do you suppose he is shooting?
Bill and I are shooting 9mm P30Ls, and Jason is shooting a .40 Expert loaded to minor. Jason is shooting the Expert at the Bianchi Cup, so he wants to get grooved in with it, as opposed to shooting a P30.
Unbelievable! I'm slack-jawed after watching those vids.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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