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Typically discussions like the one I’m opening here, take place inside the vendor specific sub-section of our forum. For the most part, this is appropriate, but I am concerned that some members – especially the newer ones – are missing out on some vital content.

Outside of mil/LEO, I’m not aware of any HK specific SMG training in the US outside that offered by Teufelshund Tactical. This spring I attended their top notch Tactical HK Pistol Operator Course followed by the equally awesome UMP/MP5 Operator Course. The instructors (who are active members on this forum) provided not only top level instruction, but were knowledgeable, approachable and encouraging throughout the training. The whole class had a positive feel to it and my skills got so much better, that I decided to go again to the courses later this month.

Having an HK-focused firearms class is a rare thing. Based on how many people are signing up for these, I’m worried they won’t be available in the future. Seems like everyone with an HK and a love of HKs should at least be aware these are offered – hence me posting here. Not only was it great training, but it was fun and a terrific opportunity to meet people from this forum and build our community.

Here is a link to the After Action Report for the March courses I took:
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